Marzanna is an Award Winner!

Light Moves 2016 Innovative Use of Sound Award

We were delighted on Sunday to receive the news that Marzanna received the Innovative Use of Sound Award at the Light Moves festival of screendance 2016. This is a wonderful achievement for the work at a festival which has gained international recognition for nurturing and representing the charismatic and diverse field of Screendance.

The full list of winners and shortlists for Light Moves 2016 is here and a huge congratulations to all of you, too!

Marzanna was created at the beginning of 2016 in response to International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy‘s 2016 call for works resonating with Les Danses Macabres: Death and the Moving Image, a theme myself and collaborator Owa Barua were really excited about. The work was self-funded with a budget of next to nothing and the haunting score by the hugely talented Alex Kubotha was found in a complete strike of luck on the Free Music Archive. Owa was dedicated to unlocking the horror potential of the film with detailed sound design taken from multiple sources – it’s incredible how less alive Marzanna feels without this element.

Since, the film has gone to screen at numerous international screendance festivals as well as gaining interest from more community based cultural events in London.

Now, I suggest you turn up the volume and experience Marzanna for yourself!



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