Open Borders (2015)

Open Borders is a collective dance film project initiated and produced by International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy as a response to the refugee crisis. International artists were asked to submit 40-50 second films responding to concepts around “borders, inclusion, asylum, solidarity”.  This is our contribution.

Directors: Natalia & Owa Barua
Camera, Edit & Sound Design: Owa Barua
Movement: Natalia Barua

Screenings of Open Borders
“Presse pas ma liberte!” at Le Morambeau, France. Oct 2015
Moving Images Videodance Festival, Cyprus. Oct 2015

The complete Open Borders film is edited by Marisa C. Hayes and Franck Boulègue (Directors, International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy) and supported by Amnesty International.  You can watch the full film here.


Occupational Hazard (2011)

Occupational Hazard is a series of four short dance films, originally designed to be played for exhibition on four separate screens simultaneously. The films explore personal experiences of the transition from dance education to finding and creating work in the dance sector, developed with an interest in the emotional and physical impact of rejection, procrastination and a fear of constant “dream-chasing”.

The single-frame film (2011) was edited by Adrian Garcia: and revisited by Natalia Barua in 2016 to create this multiple frame version.

The project was supported by Centro Cultural Barceloneta (Barcelona).

Choreography, Dance & Edit: Natalia Barua (nee Brownlie)
Cinematography & Colour Correction: Adrian Garcia
Soundtrack Music: Amon Tobin

Centro Cultural Barceloneta, Barcelona. Sept 2011
Nits de Progress (Bacantoh Dance), Barcelona. Sept 2011
niu : espai artistic contemporani, Barcelona. Sept 2011