Feathers of La Fronde focuses on women in ‘La Belle Époque’ inspired by artist Alfons Mucha and his representation of the female in what was a hugely influential time for women, socially and politically. Awakening those characters from their decorative arrangement, Feathers of La Fronde represents the struggles for women of ‘La Belle Époque’ and also acts as a celebration of the lively, sometimes radical feminist activity that took place, which gave birth to assertive and modern women.

Concept & Choreography: Natalia Barua
Director, Cinematography & Edit: Owa Barua
Assistant Director: Natalia Barua
Dancers: Natalia Barua, Maren Ellermann, Jessy Wenzel
Music: Martin Skog
Sound Design: Martin Skog & Erik Ullstad

The 2016 Philadelphia Screendance Festival – Audience Award

Feathers of La Fronde blog 

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